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The firework products:

Category 1 - for 15 years and older.

Category 2 - for 18 years and older.

Category 3 - for 21 years and older.


1. Introductory provisions

The terms and conditions shown below apply to a purchase in e-shop Pyrotechnika.cz, which is run by the company OHNOSTROJE Krupicka, s.r.o. (identification number: 26454025), address: Ke Krizkam 166, 107 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic on record in the Companies Register conducted by Municipal court in Prague section C, inset 83323. The terms and conditions specify the rights and obligations of Seller and Buyer.

2. Purchase order

With respect to character of the products, the Buyer must be at least 18 years old. Buyers can make an order personally, by telephone, by fax or via our e-shop.

Buyers are obliged to give to the Seller invoice details (especially contact details). These details must be valid and true.

The received order becomes binding for the both, Seller and Buyer, when the Seller confirms the order by sending an e-mail to the Buyer. For this confirmation the Seller uses contact details entered by the Buyer during purchasing the goods.

The order is considered to be finished, when the Buyer receives the goods at the designated place or via third party (carrier).

The Buyer is allowed to adjust or cancel the order anytime, until it is finished. The Seller is allowed to cancel the order anytime, until it is finished, for the reason below:

It's not possible to obtain the goods anymore, due to the end of production or distribution.

3. Delivery time

The informative stock availability and delivery time can the Buyer see on the website of the Seller, including possible ways of delivery. The exact delivery time will the Buyer get form the Seller when receiving the order confirmation.

4. Price

The price of goods stated on the website is always actual and valid. The Seller can change the price without an express notice. The change of price on the website does not have any impact on the price of a received order.

5. Terms of payment

The goods can be paid in cash or also cashless transfer to a bank account of the Seller on a base of pro forma invoice. The Buyer will receive the invoice by delivery of the goods.

6. Resignation of contract

The Buyer has a right to back out of a contract according to the § 1829 Civil code. The Buyer can to back out of a contract to 14 days. If the Buyer wants to back out of a contract, he/she must inform (within 14 days) the Seller. The Seller and the Buyer then agree on a date (within 14 days) and way of returning the goods. The goods must be returned unused and in the same condition they were delivered. After returning of the goods, the Seller will give money back to the Buyer.

7. Complaint

Any complains will be handled in accordance with the system of law valid in the Czech Republic. The Buyer is obliged to check the shipment to make sure that there is no damage of the wrapper, mechanical or other damage of the goods and also check completeness of the delivered goods according to the delivery note. In the case of damage by transport the Buyer has the right to refuse the shipment.







1. What does the price of fireworks depend on?

The price depends on duration of fire show, firework products used in fireworks and also on number of products fired at a time, which makes the fireworks brighter and more intensive. That means, the fireworks lasting for approx. 5 minutes can cost 1200,- EUR as well as 10.000,- EUR.

2. Does the price involve the transport and pyrotechnist?

Yes, the price includes the firework products, realization, transport, pyrotechnist as well as follow up cleaning of the affected area.

3. Is it possible to realize the fireworks during the rain?

Yes, the fireworks can be realized during the rain.

4. What is the safety distance?

The safety distance is a distance required between the launching area of your fireworks and spectators. You must check the label on each firework product to ensure you have satisfied the minimum distance requirements.

5. Do we have to ask for permission at municipal office?

No, we would take care of the permission, but we would advise you to inform your neighbours, just so they are all aware and there are no false emergency calls.

6. Till what time we can realize the fireworks?

The firework can be realized whenever; of course the best time for realization is after dark. We also need to respect silent hours. That means, that the fireworks should be realized by 10.00 p.m.. Time for realization could be determined by the municipal office.

7. At what age can people purchase the firework products Category 1, 2 and 3?

  • The firework products Category 1 shall be sold only to a person aged 15 years and more.
  • The firework products Category 2 shall be sold only to a person aged 18 years and more.
  • The firework products Category 3 shall be sold only to a person aged 21 years and more.

8. What do I need if I want to buy the 3rd hazard class firework products (Category 4)?

If you would like to buy the 3rd hazard firework products (or Category 4) you need to have the Czech license for using this kind of products.

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