Retail sale of firework products

You can buy the fireworks at our e-shop, or we would be happy to serve you at our store located in Prague 10 - Dubeč, Ke Křížkám 166 (Monday - Friday: 8.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.).

To order by phone, please call us at +420 731 445 413.


Fireworks for your events and celebrations

We are able to make the fireworks according to your idea, for any event and celebration.

If you are planning to have fireworks at your event or celebration, we would be happy to help you to choose a suitable place for launching your fireworks. We would take care of necessary permissions; in case of need we would arrange a fire truck.

If you would like to have bigger fireworks, we would recommend you to place your order a couple of days before your event. We have plenty of firework products on stock during all year, so if you wish to variegate your celebration with unforgettable show at the sky, please feel free to contact us.

We use the 3rd hazard class firework products for professional fireworks, such as 3"shells, 4"shells, 5" shells, 6"shells, cakes, big crackling candles, fountains, minis etc.

Fireworks which contain the 4th hazard class products, for example set of shells bigger than 100 mm in diameter, must have permission from responsible authority. In this case you should place an order for fireworks about one month before your event.

We are able to offer you bigger fireworks for about 20.000,- CZK. Recommended duration of the fire show in this case is approx. 3 - 5 minutes. It is not problem to make fireworks lasting for 10 minutes, but many of our customers prefer more intensive shorter fireworks to long and less intensive fireworks.

If you want to spend more then 50.000,- CZK for the fireworks, you can expect your fireworks to be rich and lasting for about 10 minutes. At the end of fireworks there would be a big final show, where she sky would be flooded with variety of fire flowers. You can also choose the colour of firework effects which you would like to see in your fireworks.

Set off the fireworks by yourself

For your celebration or garden party we are able to put together set of firework products, which you can set off by yourself. You just need to light the fuse and then you can enjoy the whole fire show. You can buy this kind of fireworks for about 1.000,- CZK.

Fiery signs

Fiery signs or logos are a very suitable supplement to fireworks. This kind of fire effects is very impressive when you use them at the end of fireworks. You can have different kinds of fiery signs. It can say for example: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOOD LUCK etc. These signs burn about 80 seconds and we are able to make them in wide range of colours. The price depends on size and difficultness of the letters and is approx. 800 - 1.200,- CZK/letter.

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